Reliable, dependable, bullet-proof…

Amarillo Gear’s pump drive products reflect the values of the hard working people that settled in West Texas, and whose spirit is still with us today.

Founded in 1917, in Amarillo, Texas, Amarillo Gear Company has been designing and manufacturing spiral bevel right angle gear drives since 1934. How we build our pump drive products has evolved with advancements in technology, but our commitment to producing the highest quality pump drives for the best value, is as strong as ever; it’s in our blood. You do not have to take our word for it though, our processes are checked regularly by third party inspectors, per our ISO 9001:2015 certification requirements.

Our standard sizes and ratios continue to be one of the broadest offerings available. Every Amarillo Pump Drive is designed to exceed AGMA requirements, and tested before they are shipped. For fire protection systems, Amarillo Gear offers sizes up to 1,200 HP, which are listed with Factory Mutual (FM), and exceed NFPA-20 requirements.

More commonly known as an Amarillo Pump Drive, these gearboxes are trusted by people around the world to perform without exception. Whether they are part of fire pump system, a flood control station, or helping to deliver water to crops in a drought, Amarillo Pump Drives can be relied upon to exceed your expectations.



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