Amarillo Gear’s gearboxes have been protecting lives and property for decades.

About Our Pump Systems

You can find fire water pump systems in all climates and conditions imaginable: from the tallest skyscrapers to offshore oil and gas platforms. In order to serve the wide array of needs associated with listed and non-listed fire water systems, Amarillo Gear offers a variety of configurations and options.

For short set pumps, the pump drives are fitted with a light thrust bearing arrangement. This system can also operate if the pump’s thrust is up, instead of down. Additionally there are thrust arrangements suited for standard and heavy thrust loads.

The Amarillo Gear fire pump drives are available in either a hollow or solid output shaft. The hollow output shaft configurations are listed with Factory Mutual (FM) for gearboxes through 1,200 HP (895 kW). Every Amarillo Gear pump drive is tested and passes our ISO 9001:2015 quality system’s requirements before it is shipped.

Fire protection systems have become increasingly more sophisticated over the years. The systems’ evolution has led to the need for more condition monitoring equipment. Amarillo Gear’s fire pump gearboxes can accommodate probes, switches, and gauges, or the fire pump gearboxes can also be furnished with them before shipping. Testing We are happy to customize testing to satisfy your fire pump system needs. Our gearboxes can be load tested (power and thrust). We’re also happy to run an extended duration of the FM required, no-load spin test.

Our engineers and technicians are trained to properly measure all operating conditions, as well as provide analysis of conditions from the field.

No one understands our products better than us, and our engineers are experts in analyzing operating data taken in the field; including vibration conditions. Whatever your fire water pump requires, Amarillo Gear has a solution.