Amarillo Gear’s industrial pump drives are designed for the purpose of pumping water continuously.

Our standard product is the exception for others. Industrial Amarillo Gear’s industrial pump drives are purpose built to better suit the needs of their specific applications. Designed per AGMA’s standards, and built to exacting specifications, Amarillo Gear pump drives will not disappoint.

Industrial water circulation systems operate continuously, so the reliability of Amarillo Gear’s pump drives have made them the choice of power plants around the world for decades. Our gearboxes are operating at not only nuclear plants, but every other type of power plant that requires cooling water.

Amarillo Gear’s wide range of sizes, ratios and options allows our standard product to be flexibly adapted to the needs of the system. Standard models are available in cast iron, which reduces both their prices and lead times. Only the top brands and highest quality bearings are used in Amarillo Gear products. Gear forgings are from the best sources in the United States. The steel and iron used in construction comes from North America. Amarillo Gear’s gears are manufactured and heat treated at our plant in Texas. To ensure the quality of our right angle gearboxes, every Amarillo Gear pump drive is tested and has to pass our ISO 9001:2015 quality system’s requirements before it is shipped.

Amarillo Gear can customize testing to satisfy your pump system’s needs. Our expert engineers and technicians are trained to properly measure all operating conditions, as well as provide analysis of conditions from the field, including vibration conditions.

Whatever your right angle pump drive needs, Amarillo Gear has a solution.