Amarillo Gear’s purpose built gear boxes have been setting the industry standard for generations.


The first Amarillo Gear pump drive was created over 80 years ago to serve the irrigation needs of farmers working in the harsh environments of West Texas. Today our pump drives are still manufactured in Amarillo, Texas but they can now be found serving the needs of farmers across the globe.

In order to serve the wide variety of irrigation needs, each Amarillo Gear pump drive is available in many configurations. For shallow pump sets, where the pump’s thrust might even be negligible, there is a light thrust arrangement. For deep wells, there is a heavy thrust system that will carry even the largest thrust loads.

If the application is driven by a tractor, there is an arrangement for the reverse rotation produced by the PTO. If the gearbox has to be mounted at an angle, because the pump is pulling water from a canal, Amarillo Gear offers a solution for this configuration as well.

Whatever your irrigation system requires, Amarillo Gear can help you create the right solution. Click here for commodity prices.