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We are Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu, Province, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amarillo Gear Company LLC, Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A. and is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company. Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) was established in 2018 to supply right angle fan drives (gearboxes) used specifically in wet cooling towers. Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) is here to serve customers in Chinese mainland & Taiwan, SE Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions of the world. Amarillo Gear Jiangsuā€™s new state of the art manufacturing facility is providing the same product quality and service that Amarillo Gear Company is known for worldwide. If you would like to know more about other products and services offered by Amarillo Gear Company, please click here Industry affiliations for Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) include membership in the AGMA as well as the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) in the U.S.A. and CCTI in China.

Serving you since 1917

Amarillo Gear Company has been in operation since 1917, in Amarillo, Texas. We have been designing and manufacturing application specific gearboxes used worldwide since 1934. To support our current and new customers better outside North America, Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) was established.

Our Products

Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) manufacturers the Global line of right angle gearboxes specifically used to turn a large axial fan in wet cooling towers. The Global is designed and tested using years of experience at Amarillo Gear Company. It is a proven design able to provide years of reliable service at a competitive price. It is manufactured under a strict quality control program replicating the same system that Amarillo Gear Company uses in the U.S.A.

AGJ Team Working at Desks

Our Services

Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) is here to serve its both its established customers from many years ago, as well as its new customers. Our dedication is to provide ongoing service and support of our products for years to come. Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) can support your gearbox investment by offering readily available parts and repair, should your gearbox ever require them.

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