Amarillo Gear pump drives have been trusted for low lift pumping applications for over 50 years.

Amarillo Gear’s right angle gearboxes are purpose built to exceed the demands of a low lift pump. Designed per AGMA’s standards, and built to exacting specifications, Amarillo Gear pump drives will not disappoint.

Flood Control

Due to the critical nature of a flood abatement system when lives and property are on the line, Amarillo Gear’s low lift pump drives can be trusted to accomplish their task. From specifying the materials used to how the gearbox will be tested, flood abatement system’s stringent specifications cover all aspects of the design and manufacturing of the components.


In some regions of the world, flood harvesting, also known as water capturing, has become a necessary. These systems require a reliable right angle pump drive to support the high thrust load while still delivering the power necessary to lift massive volumes of water every day, all season long. The propeller pump right angle gearboxes are fitted with air cooling systems, and can be operated at very slow pump speeds, without jeopardizing the oil lubrication system.


Amarillo Gear’s propeller pump drives are designed to accommodate the nuances associated with a low head, high volume pumping system. No cooling water is needed; these gearboxes are air cooled. Ratios are available from 2:1 to 6:1 speed reductions. The lubrication system is driven by the vertical shaft and can be operated at very slow pump speeds.

Whatever the type of low lift pump or the application, Amarillo Gear has standard sizes and features that will meet their needs. Standard models are available in cast iron, which reduces both their prices and lead times.

Only the top brands and highest quality bearings are used in Amarillo Gear products. Gear forgings are from the best sources in the United States. The steel and iron used in construction comes from North America. Amarillo Gear’s gears are manufactured and heat treated at our plant in Texas. Plus, to ensure the quality of our right angle gearboxes, every Amarillo Gear pump drive is tested and has to pass our ISO 9001:2015 quality system’s requirements before it is shipped.

Amarillo Gear can customize testing to satisfy your pump system’s needs. Our gearboxes can be load tested (power and thrust). Our engineers and technicians are trained to properly measure all operating conditions. They also provide analysis of conditions from the field, including vibration conditions. No one understands our products better than us!

Whatever your right angle pump drive needs, Amarillo Gear has a solution.

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