Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) Holds Open House

Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) Co. held an open house in September to celebrate its entrance into the business community in Changzhou City, Jiangsu, Province, China. Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amarillo Gear Company LLC, Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A. and is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company.


Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) manufacturers and supplies the Amarillo Gear’s Global line of right angle gearboxes specifically used to turn a large axial fan in wet cooling towers. If you need higher ratios and more power, our Global double reduction gearbox is the perfect choice. Reduction ratios range from 7.5:1 to over 18:1. Power ratings start at 45 kW and exceed 342 kW.


Our Global is designed and tested using years of experience at Amarillo Gear Company. It is a proven design able to provide years of reliable service. It is manufactured under a strict quality control program replicating the same system that Amarillo Gear Company uses in the U.S.A.


Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) is able to supply new double reduction right angle gearboxes to its customers in the Chinese mainland & Taiwan, SE Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions of the world. Complete service and support for the Global product will be offered by Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) and its parent Amarillo Gear Company.


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Amarillo Gear Company Opens New Advanced Gearbox Manufacturing Factory in China


Amarillo Gear Company LLC is pleased to announce the formation of Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu, Province, China, and the opening of its new factory.  Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) will manufacture and supply to the cooling tower industry, right angle fan drives designed specifically for this purpose.  Amarillo Gear has a 45+ year history of manufacturing right angle gearboxes designed specifically for use in the difficult wet cooling tower environment.

Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) is able to supply new double reduction right angle gearboxes to its customers in the Chinese mainland & Taiwan, SE Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions of the world.

Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) will manufacture the Global line of right angle fan drives for field erected cooling towers.  Complete service and support for the Global product will be offered by Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) and its parent Amarillo Gear Company.

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Amarillo Gear Company LLC and Amarillo Gear (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. are Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway companies.


Manufacturing is a cut and dry industry. The premium placed on production times and automation only help to affirm the impersonal nature. But the paradox that’s easy to miss is that purpose of manufacturing is to meet the needs of a community.

Amarillo started out a railroad town sprawled out on a windswept plateau and an infinite horizon. It was a place where the quality of life depended on how well you worked with members of community and how stubborn you could be. These are traits of resilience and reliance. In the panhandle those traits are valued and upheld to a high degree because they mean survival.

Understanding the meaning of the traits most valued by a community is critical to any manufacturing company’s bottom line.

Initially, the Amarillo Gear Company production was central to the farming. Our emphasis was on manufacturing the machines and parts that used by farmers in growing their crops. Water sources were flung far and few in-between and mandated the use of irrigation systems in cultivation. This created a niche in the market, which we quickly filled.

We knew the farmers by name, the models they purchased and what tools to take out for service calls. Eventually, we built the right-angle drives that allowed for an expansion of the crops that fed and sustained our growing city population. The food we put on the plates of our neighbors was also the food we put on our own plates. We were totally invested in the success of our drives because it benefited us directly as a local company.

This is something that more consumers need to see. To manufacture, there must be a need and to have needs is to be human. By promoting a desire to help raise the quality of life by creating the products that allow for it, we unveil the humanity within machinery.

It’s the key to how a company can survive the changes brought by the years. Technology changes at the speed of light, so do regulations and trade agreements and the free market is an eternal gamble. But the importance of knowing what the purpose of a manufacturer is and fulfilling that purpose is where a company can grow.


The Many Advantages to Working with an All-Inclusive Gear Manufacturer

While spiral bevel gearboxes can be found from a number of sources, most manufacturers farm-out or out-source critical operations, putting themselves at the mercy of another company to meet their customer promises. At Amarillo Gear Company, we handle every part of the process of making gearboxes, from designing the product to manufacturing the components to putting the product together and shipping it to your destination. We feel this sets our gearboxes apart from our competitors since we can control the quality every step of the way.

Benefits of Working with Amarillo Gear Company

However, being an all-inclusive gear manufacturer isn’t the only reason to work with us. Amarillo Gear Company also is proud to offer some of the best customer service in the industry. The fact that we can control all aspects of the manufacturing process allows us to raise the bar and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Being in charge of the entire gear production process lets us respond more quickly to customer requests and suggestions. We view our relationship with you, our customer, to be more of a collaboration than a typical seller-buyer scenario. Plus, we understand your applications better than any of our competitors, so we are able to assist you in ways they can not.

A Little About Amarillo Gear Company

Amarillo Gear Company, one of the largest manufacturers of top-quality right-angle spiral bevel gear drives in the world, has been in business for more than 100 years. Originally founded to produce gear drives for the agricultural industry, the company has expanded over the years to make gears for fire protection, marine, power generation, petrochemical and HVAC industries.

To learn more about working with Amarillo Gear Company, visit our website ( or call us at (806-622-1273).

Quality is Everything

A lot of companies like to claim that they’re built with high quality parts and materials, but what does that mean?

At Amarillo Gear that means that we stand by our products through thick and thin. When the going gets tough, our products perform their best. We know you’re not just buying a product to run your operations during “the best of times”. You need a product that’s going to get you through everything from extreme weather to extreme stress.

We can say that when the going gets tough, our gearboxes get going. That’s because we test every gearbox to make sure that it can stand up to everything you need to put it through.

Amarillo Gear users regularly comment on the longevity of our products. Some are amazed that a manufacturer would make a product these days that lasts so long. It is not unusual for owners of Amarillo’s to have gearboxes that are 20 – 30 – 40 years old. And Amarillo Gear still supports these products with parts and service if ever needed.

A gearbox that lasts that long does not fit most company’s business models. They count on short product life so that they can sell your frequent replacements and parts. Amarillo Gear is about providing products to our customer’s benefit, and in return, it also benefits Amarillo. Customers come back for new gearboxes for new projects because they want the same reliability and quality they got on the last project.

That’s what building your product with high quality parts and materials means. Put your faith in a company that has been building long lasting gearboxes for 83 of its 100 years.

Go with a brand you can trust. Go with Amarillo Gear.

Why Amarillo Gear?

People always want to know: what does it take to be in business for 100 years? It’s definitely no easy task to keep a business open for 100 years, let alone have it be successful too.

So, after 100 years, why are our customers still choosing Amarillo Gear when other products have come and gone onto the market? It’s because of the five core principles that we’ve run our business on since we opened. Continue reading Why Amarillo Gear?

Proud to be American Made

A long, rich history

Amarillo Gear Company has been in operation since 1917 in Amarillo, Texas. Our very first product line consisted of right angle drives used with vertical turbine pump applications. Today we are a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of gearboxes. These gearboxes are specifically designed for tough duty in wet cooling towers, fin-fan heat exchangers, and air-cooled condensers.

American made since 1917

A lot has changed in 100 years. What hasn’t changed is Amarillo Gear’s commitment to remaining American made. Everything we manufacture is the culmination of 100 years of experience and innovation.

Dedication to the American worker

Our most valuable resource is the American worker. It has always been important that we support American jobs and continue to invest in the pioneering spirit that our country was founded on. Our products are manufactured to precise specifications from the highest quality materials right here in the USA. We also offer the only complete gear testing facility, again, here in America.

Our uncompromising standards of excellence and commitment to quality are the hallmarks of what we do at Amarillo Gear. We are proud to be a part of the long and rich heritage of American made products and we’re proud to keep that tradition alive, here in America.

The Importance of Being an AGMA Member

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) is the global network for technical standards, education, and business information for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of mechanical power transmission components. They are considered the gold standard when it comes to setting the benchmark by which all gears should be measured.

At Amarillo Gear, we’re proud to be associated with the AGMA. We’ve been members since 1950, which means that you know we’ve been producing high quality gearboxes for our customers for years.

The AGMA provides one of the most conservative guidelines in the industry, and we’re proud to ensure that our gearboxes meet those guidelines.

That may seem like a given, but many other producers choose to follow and design to lesser standards which affects reliability and costs you money in the long run.

Being a long-term member and designing products that meet stringent AGMA standards is one big reason Amarillo Gear boxes are known for their reliability and long life.

Our 100-year company culture is to always do right by our customers by utilizing high quality materials and following the most conservative standards in the industry.

When you see that AGMA member badge here on our website, you know that you’re getting a high quality gearbox..

Buy quality. Buy expertise. Buy reliability. Buy Amarillo Gear.

A History of Excellence

Amarillo Gear’s history began in 1917. From day one we’ve worked hard earning an industry reputation as the premier manufacturer of reliable right angle pump drives, right angle fan drives, and parallel shaft gearboxes. We’ve spent the past 100 years working closely with our customers to innovate and perfect our product and service offerings that owners and builders of wet cooling towers, irrigation pumps and fire water protection systems can rely on.

In 1917 the Johnson family established the Amarillo Welding and Machine Works in Amarillo, Texas. One of our first product lines were vertical turbine pumps, primarily used by farmers to pump water to irrigate their fields. There was also a need for right angle drives to be used with the vertical turbine pump. The growing needs of a hungry nation required the ability to pump water from deep wells to irrigate thirsty crop fields in the Texas panhandle.

So in 1934 Wesley Johnson completed design of reliable and affordable right angle gear box that could be powered by an engine, motor, or even a tractor to turn a vertical turbine pump. The design would be manufactured in Amarillo, Texas, and set the standard for reliability and low cost of ownership. With the success of this vertical pump drive, Amarillo Gear shifted all focus to the manufacturing of these purpose built right angle gear drives.

In 1972, in response to the growing needs from builders and owners of field erected wet cooling towers, packaged cooling towers and fin fan heat exchangers, Amarillo Gear began the design and manufacture it’s of extensive and reliable offering of right angle fan drives. This new line for right angle gearboxes was designed specifically for the harsh environment specifically encountered in this application. The conditions within a wet cooling tower pose a number of challenges for reliable operation and our right angle gearboxes had to be made to withstand these conditions including running 24/7, multiple on-offs per day, high starting torques and extreme operating temperatures. The design of this product line has proven out so well over 45 years of production, that key features have remained unchanged to the original design. These key features bring comfort to owners of Amarillo gear boxes because they know they can count on an Amarillo to be reliable and cost effective to own.

Today we continue to be on the forefront of gearbox innovation and design. In 2013 we began design of an entirely new parallel shaft gear box for use specifically in air cooled condensers. This was driven by owners demands for reliability and lower maintenance costs not currently available from gearboxes offered from Europe and Asia. The result is our newest offering, the Quantum Parallel Shaft Fan Drive. The first model was introduced in 2016 and two new models will be available in 2017. Again, Amarillo is the leader in design and sets the standard others strive to mimic.

Our goal has always been to meet the needs and desires of the owners of these types of gearboxes as well as the designers and builders of the vertical pumps, wet cooling towers, packaged cooling towers and air cooled condensers these gear boxes are used with. By always putting our customer first, Amarillo is thankful for its first 100 years of being the markets first choice for application designed gear boxes. We look forward to serving you for another 100 years.

New Website

Amarillo Gear loves their new website! From the sleek design and ease of navigation to the in-depth information on all their product offerings. It’s a glimpse into the inner workings of some of the most sophisticated industrial parts on the market today.

Amarillo Gear’s new website has never made it more simple to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to product lines built for the most demanding industries like power, agriculture, HVAC, and petrochemical. Their pump drives serve the needs of farmers across the globe, helping feed nations. Their fire water pump systems douse the flames that threaten skyscrapers and off shore oil and gas platforms while their right angle gearboxes and low lift pump drives are trusted to ease flood waters when lives and property are on the line.

Power, quality, and innovation all geared to serve the world now available right at your finger tips.